Faith of the Unforgotten

EPPIE 2006 Winner(Children/Young Adult/Tween)*


For four hundred years, the Great Pulse Storms have made it impossible for electricity to exist on Earth. Now fifteen-year-old Rebekah Ann Smith has been placed at the forefront of a battle against an attacking lizard species. Can the Gifts given by God save them from the impending human desolation?

Into the Darkness


The siege of Lansing has been broken, but the real battle against the invading lizardspecies now begins. Rebekah has been taken prisoner, Jarod joins the Special Forces,and Markos must face the dragons face-to-face. They must endure dark times intheir lives, but will they have faith that their struggles are part of a larger master plan?

Dawn of a New Hope

The third book of trilogy, Dawn of a New Hope, is currently under slooow development. Work, family, and going back to college has delayed writing tremendously. I apologize for the delay.